Building a Module for sitefinity (part 2) : The concept

Posted on March 7, 2007. Filed under: Building a pluggable module, Projects |

Module is integrated in Sitefinity modules section as an assembly. This means that in order to create your own module you need to create a new C# project (Class library). The core class in this module you will name any way that you find suitable (for example : ListModule, MyModule…), but the important thing here is that this class needs to inherit Telerik.WebModule class.

In order to appear on the modules page and be usable, module needs to be registered in the web.config file.

The resulting .dll file you will obviously put in the bin folder of your website.

The module itself has two fundamental sides : administrative and public. The administrative side is the one you see in the modules part of Sitefinity, while the public side consists of the controls that users can drag onto the page in order to take advantage of your module. Take a look at the image below to get a better understanding of this distinction.Administrative and Public side of a module

In this post, I will concentrate mostly on the Administrative side of the module. The public part will be dealt with in one of the coming posts. The administrative side of the module furthermore can be divided into two more sections. The Command Panel and Control Panel. To understand this separation better, you can think of the command panel as the “left side” and control panel as the “right side” of the screen. In essence, Command Panel (left side) is there really just to facilitate the Control panel (right panel) with some kind of sub navigation. Take a look at this image to get a clearer picture.

Administrative side of the module

So the idea here is that you use the core class of a module (the one that inherits from a WebModule class) as some kind of container to hold the two other controls you will create : the CommandPanel and ControlPanel controls. What will those two classes do is completely up to you and depends on what your module is supposed to do.

Here you can download a template project to get you up to speed. [Need to create this project and post a link for download]

In the next post we’ll dig deeper into the code and create the two basic controls, namely CommandPanel and ControlPanel controls.

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6 Responses to “Building a Module for sitefinity (part 2) : The concept”

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I tried to create a new Module to add in SiteFinity.
But i didn’t know how to add this module to the siteFinity
Site. I added the dll to the bin folder of the site. I tried to register the new module in the
web.config file as you said.
I put these lines:
inside :

but this came out with an error in runtime.
Could you help me in that?
thanks in advance

Hi Lamees,

sorry that I haven’t replied to your previous comment yet, it’s been a really busy day. Also, I don’t have your email and can’t send you files on your email.

Regarding this problem, I didn’t see the web.config lines you are talking about (must be some WordPress security thing). Anyhow, let me know what error are you getting and I’ll try to help you.


Hello Ivan,
Could you please specify in more details the steps that we should do In order to make the module appear on the modules page and to be usable. And also what are the lines that should be written in web.config file to register the new module?

good info. I second lamees request. Or maybe you could post the template project for us?


Hi guys,

well seems I’ve skipped the Modules 101 post 🙂

I’m preparing it and hopefully it’ll be up some time tomorrow. I’ll provide you with a link for download.

I’m sorry for omitting this and thanks for pointing it out to me.


Hi again,

just a quick update. I’ve written a new post as promised. You can find it here

Once again, thanks for pointing this out.


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